Why Majd Al-Khaleej


Majd Al-Khaleej is one of the leading suppliers and service providers established in the year 1996 to meet the continuous complex demands of Industrial Sector.

Majd Al-Khaleej offers technically compact, reliable and cost effective high quality industrial materials and IT supplies and support services to local as well as regional clients through the facilities situated at industrial area of Rastanura, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The facilities are built on various plots totaling 12,350 m2 with 3000 m2 as built – in area for offices and warehouses and 2500 m2 for camps.

Majd Al-Khaleej draws its strength from its employees’ experience, expertise, and management of top rated professionals having vast experience in the engineering field.

The goals are achieved by:

  • Offering services consistent with client’s requirement.

  • Building staff skills through training and development.

  • Complying with the requirement of relevant standards.

  • Providing quality FIT for use.

  • Customer requirements and feedbacks are integrated in the business model to ensure delivery on time with minimum cost.

We always ensure that the quality of our supplies and services exceed the needs of our clients.