Career at Gulf Glory

At Gulf Glory, we recognise that investing in our people is the most important investment we will ever make, and the best way to ensure we achieve our business goals together. We have come a long way and to grow in today’s competitive and ever changing global economy, we have set our sights and standards high - and seek to exceed them. Our strength is in our diversity that make up our workforce, in the vast portfolio that we represent.

The only way we can grow together as a strong and cohesive organisation is through our strongest asset - our people. Gulf Glory has a bright and exciting future, elevating our people to the next level is a considerable investment and exciting opportunities lie ahead!

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    Our HR Policy

    Our people are the source of our strength and competitiveness and are the most important resource to the company.

    The company is committed to attracting the best available Saudi talents and expat work force and resolves to provide a simple, informal and flexible environment with a strong emphasis on human values.

    The company will aim at fairness and transparency in its dealings with its employees and promise an exciting, challenging and satisfying career derived from professional and personal progress, sincerity and dignity.

    The company will develop the potential of its employees through training, provide opportunities to display their creative talent and encourage them to maximize productivity.

    The company will encourage employees to take on higher responsibilities and provide innovation and experimentation opportunities for their growth and will positively differentiate employees on the basis of performance, leadership potential and alignment with core values.

    What We Expect

    • Punctuality & Discipline
    • Work Commitment
    • Understanding of Responsibility
    • Teamwork
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Innovation & Experimentation